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United States of America on India-China conflict.

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USA on India-China Dispute

As the clashes between China and India happened on Monday night near Galwan Valley in Ladakh, a state department spokesperson of United States of America said, “We are closely monitoring the situation between Indian and Chinese forces along the Line of Actual Control. Both India and China have expressed a desire to de-escalate, and we support a peaceful resolution of the current situation”.

How does USA is closely monitoring the situation? The answer to this question is, the USA Satellite. USA has highest number of military satellites in this World. Satellites monitoring the China’s activities of transportation or movement of aircraft, casualties of Chinese forces, Troops send to hospital through army helicopter and aircraft. U.S is monitoring these activities through there enormous military satellite programme. U.S intelligence have reported that they are tracking every Chinese movement on the India- China border and have a good estimate of how many soldiers the PLA has lost.

“American intelligence believe 35 Chinese troops died, including one senior officer, a source familiar with that assessment tells USA News. The incidence took place during a meeting in the mountainous region between the two sides – both of which had agreed to disarm – to determine how the two militaries would safety withdraw their presence from the region” publised by U.S Intelligence Report.

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