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Trump signs executive order to ‘Encourage’ police reforms

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Trump signs executive order on police reforms

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order introducing law enforcement reforms on Monday in response to nationwide protests against police brutality.

“This is a big, big step — a step that hasn’t been taken before,” Trump said before signing the order. “We have to break the old patterns of failure.”

His order offers federal grants to improve police practices, including creating a database to trace abuses by officers.

The order comes amid anger over the killing of African Americans by police officers.

Several US cities have proposed more radical reforms.

Trump’s executive order has essentially three key elements:

  1. Credentialing and certifying police officers,
  2. Creating a database to track officers accused of misconduct and stopping them from going from one police force to another, and
  3. Sending out social workers with law enforcement on calls with persons suspected of having mental health issues.

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