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“Trump lacks interest, treats Presidency as reality show” Barack Obama.

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Former U.S. President Barack Obama ripped into the four-year record of U.S. President Donald Trump saying Mr. Trump treated the Presidency as a reality show and did not take the job seriously. Obama Addresses the Democratic National Convention via video on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. (Democratic National Committee via The New York Times)

“For close to four years now, he’s shown no interest in putting in the work; no interest in finding common ground; no interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends; no interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves,” he said.

Obama’s remarks, live from at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, were unusual and even unprecedented in their criticism of a presidential successor.

Obama also used the speech to lay out the case for Biden and his running mate Harris.

“They understand that in this democracy, the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t use the men and women of our military, who are willing to risk everything to protect our nation, as political props to deploy against peaceful protesters on our own soil,” Mr. Obama said.

“They understand that political opponents aren’t ‘un-American’ just because they disagree with you; that a free press isn’t the ‘enemy’ but the way we hold officials accountable,” he said.

In response to Mr. Obama’s speech, Mr. Trump tweeted out a series of messages including, “HE SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN, AND GOT CAUGHT!” alleging that the Obama administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign.

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