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Germany : The World’s Most Ordered Nation

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Higher Education in Germany

Germany : The World's Most Ordered Nation

Germany – the home to over 80 million people along with diversification in religions, customs, and traditions is known for abiding by the order. Not just in Europe but in the world Germany stands as an ideal, inheriting it over the years with this proverb: “Ordnung muss sein” (“there must be order”). Moreover, Germany and its people don’t need to remember this as they have already digested this fact and work accordingly that’s why Germany as a nation is the world’s most ordered nation.

Higher Education in Germany:

Germany is the most preferred study abroad destination for international students because most of the public universities in Germany offer free courses in the degree program both for bachelor’s and master’s students. Following are the reasons that depicts Germany’s idealism:

  • Education should not be considered as a liability, it is the asset for all.
  • The cost of living is minimal and can be financed easily by doing part-time jobs along with course study.
  • Even if you fail to secure employment after completing your study, there is an 18 months stay for you to secure yourself an employment.

Not just these, several other reasons make Germany a good place to achieve excellence in education. And in this situation, Germany like other countries has switched to digital education, though labs are active, working on getting a vaccine or medication against this virus.

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Medicine in Germany:

Talking about medical facilities, Germany ranks fifth around the world offering modern facilities in medicine and science. It brings value in medication and life. In this pandemic, exceptionally against other European countries, Germany stabilized with a low fatality rate by taking requisite steps at an early stage of the spread of the corona virus. It started testing more people than other nations to catch people with little or no symptoms which just increased the number of patients and not the fatalities or deaths.

Economy in Germany:

Germany proves itself above all the superpowers every time. Even in this harsh time when the countries are struggling to save between the economy and lives, Germany stood as the savior of both simultaneously with a profound recovery plan within weeks.   

  1. In Germany, if a person infected with coronavirus is not able to pay the rent he/she needs not to do so because the government made it illegal to ask the tenants to leave their house and they could pay their rent later in 2022.
  2. In Germany, the government is spending 60% of its total GDP to save the economy. See how
  • The citizens can pay taxes the next year and even if the situation doesn’t stabilize Germany will give them 50 billion euros, free money to help artists, entrepreneurs, and freelancers survive the pandemic.
  • For small businesses, the government is going to pay 70% of the employees’ salaries and give them 30,000 euros; so that companies do not expel their employees in this critical situation.
  • For big businesses, the government is giving 600 billion euros in loans to survive the pandemic. 

Sighting from education to economy and medicine to lives, Germany fought well and now the cases are dropping bringing back the life to normal again. The other nations need to learn from Germany and take the necessary steps to revive in such situations. Germany teaches to work efficiently with the people because they are the assets of any nation and only they can help revive and survive such pandemic. 

Germany and its tradition of punctuality is not new it has been running for over 1000 years and people here are well-behaved who try to stick to their tradition of being orderly and ask the others (foreigners) to do the same without a mark of hesitation. Once a German statesman said, “Germany is in favor of integration precisely because we don’t want dominance.”  This is precisely a note of gratitude from Germany.  

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