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Satellite to take closest ever-photo of Sun

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Satellite to take closest ever-photo of Sun

The research sees no bar and no conflict. In the same sequence the scientists have come up with a satellite which would take the closest photographs of the sun – but they won’t reach Earth until July.

The Uk-built Solar orbiter has approached closely to the sun, enough away as to cover minute details of the surface of the Sun.

Though these photographs won’t be visible till July, reasearch is going on. The European Space Agency (ESA) craft covered half the distance between the Earth and the Sun which is approximately, 75 million kilometres.

Solar Orbiter explainer (European Space Agency) (Supplied)

From next week, telescope testing will come into implementation, because these telescopes will be responsible for capturing the closest pictures of the sun.

“We have never taken pictures of the sun from a closer distance than this,” said Daniel Muller, ESA project scientist.

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