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Justice for Jayraj and Fenix: Nation shouts.

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jayraj fenix case

We are talking about “UNITY” but is there any humanity left inside us..!!
Let us mention it.
In a recent incident, P Jayraj (59) and his son Fenix Emmanuel were brutally killed within the custody of Tamil Nadu police; this event has shown us the brutally harassed action. They were arrested by for violating the lockdown norms over business hours of their shops or we will say that 15 minutes of delay in shutting their shops cost their life. This treatment went on in Sathankulam in Tamil Nadu.
According to the reports their knees were smashed with sticks, their faces were pushed against the walls, they were stripped completely i.e. totally naked they were, the cops tortured them by ripping off their chest hairs and their blood-soaked clothes were sent back to their home three times and new clothes were demanded by them. Then, they were jailed where they were brutally and completely harassed and beaten by the cops. Their genital areas were harmed; an eye fixed witness Advocate S Manimaran said,” we were standing out and that we are seeing the entire incident from outside throw a glass gate. Fenix and his father were beaten. Within the morning i.e. on 20th June, there was blood everywhere the place where they were sitting.”
It’s being said that cops involved asked for a free mobile from P Jayraj which he denied, which causes cops to loosen their minds, which isn’t a bit of verified news for now but the local article of Tamil Nadu published it.
After an attempt with a magistrate which was arranged by police, the 2 were taken back to the custody and after two days they were pronounced dead due to coronary failure i.e. heart attack and fever.
Two cops are suspended and few are transferred but people are demanding more. People of the nation are demanding justice for both the daddy and son; and continuously raising their voice against it.

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