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India’s Rama takes on China’s Dragon: Taiwan’s News Photo of the Day.

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After the stand-off between India and China in Galwan Valley, a telephonic conversation between Foreign Minister of both countries had come to end. This is a positive steps forward from both the side. Various other countries had given some response on this event. Russia had given a very neutral statement with concluded “We are very happy that both countries came forward and communicated. We hope both the countries will resolve all the issues in near future”.

But the response of Taiwan is very impressive and is supporting India in front foot. Taiwan is harassed by China in various form either it’s geographically or economically. After hearing the news of stand-off between India and China, and Indian Army had given a very good reply near Galwan Valley to China. Taiwan media is covering this event by posting “Photo of the Day” in there Taiwan News article. Commenting forward the article say’s “India’s Rama poised to slay China’s dragon over Ladakh border dispute.

Taiwan News, India's Rama takes on China's Dragon
Taiwan News Cutting

Many India citizens thanks HoSaiLei for sharing the image, and he responded to one user by saying,“Likewise!! Please know this,we support you!” Below the image, some Hongkongers jokingly posted screenshot of the character Dhalsim from the video game “Street Fighter” defeating the Chinese character Chun-Li.

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