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Indian Army has given EMERGENCY POWERS to combat China.

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Rising conflicts between India and China and recent casualties on Line of Actual Control in which our 20 Bravehearts sacrifices their lives. India had taken a vital step and given the “Emergency Powers” to the Indian Army to combat China.

The reason behind taking this step is the editorial published in today’s Global Times(Chinese Mouthpiece). Let us know what the Global Times published and why India had taken this step. Global times summed up the unfolding situation thus: “The gap between Chinas and India’s strength is clear. China does not want to turn the border issues with India into a confrontation. This is goodwill and restraint from china. but china is confident in the situations at the border. It does not and will not create conflicts, but it fears no conflicts either. This policy is supported by both morality and strength. We will not trade our bottom line with anyone.” China does not want a clash and wants to peacefully solve the border feud, but how can it “sacrifices its sovereignty in exchange for peace and bows to threats from New Delhi, “it asked.

According to Global Times India is having two Misjudgements! 1. India believes China will not hit back or sour ties owing to increasing strategic pressure from the US. 2. Some Indian people mistakenly believe their country’s military is more powerful than china’s.

What is Emergency Power? Special Powers are given to the Indian Army containing some provisions like 1. Armed Forces can Stock-Up. 2. Navy gave the go-ahead to deploy assets to counter Chinese actions. 3. Air assets to move forward locations.

A recent statement by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi clearly states that India will also not backup.

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