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India enters lockdown 3.0

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India has so far witnessed 2 successful lockdowns, successful in terms of containing the spread of COVID-19, and the home ministry has announced for the extension of the lockdown for next two weeks.

Before moving forward, lets take a quick factual review  :

LockdownsPeriodCases Reported
1.0(25 march-14 april)11,500
2.0(15 april-4 may)23,500
3.0(5 may-17 may) (expected to slow down)

Although the cases seem to be rising in the tally above, but the rise is slowing down as compared with the graphs of other countries and is expected to slow down further in the next two weeks of nationwide lockdown.

Meanwhile all the 733 districts in the country are categorised into 3 zones depending on the cases reported from the district.

  1. Green zone (0 cases till date or no cases in the last 21 days): 319 districts
  2. Red zone (many active cases): 130 districts
  3. Orange zone (few cases reported): 284 districts

**The list of districts will be updated weekly by the concerned authorities.

Containment zones : These can be some local buildings or blocks in red or orange zones which are marked very sensitive.
Only movement of persons maintaining the supply of essential goods is allowed in these zones.
Every individual residing here compulsorily need to have Arogya setu app installed in their mobile phone.

What is allowed:

  1. Migrant workers are allowed to go back home.
  2. Interstate and international movement of Cargo trucks.
  3. Hospital OPDs(out-patient dept.) But not within containment zones.
  4. (Green zone specific) Buses operable with upto 50% seating capacity.
  5. Liquor shops on condition basis(refer to guidelines).
  6. Postal services.
  7. Shops for Essential goods.
  8. Cabs with 1-2 passengers, pillion riding except in red zones.

What is forbidden:

  1. All kinds of social gatherings.
  2. All kinds of public Transports.
  3. Hotels and restaurants.
  4. (Red zone specific) Barber shops and saloons.

Guidelines issued by centre :

  1. Face masks made compulsory.
  2. Social distancing made compulsory.
  3. Spitting in public places, a punishable offence.
  4. Frequent sanitisation of workplace.

Positive way forward: Lockdown 3.0 has provisions of economic activities which will support the Indian economy when other countries are expecting a worldwide recession. Proper implementation will surely benefit the country.
India has responded unexpectedly towards containing the spread of the pandemic. With a huge population of 1.36 billion people, the world believed that indians would suffer, but contrary to their beliefs, they have thrived very well so far. Kudos to the health workers fighting against the virus day in and day out and the people of india who diligently follow the instructions given to them.
Keeping up the spirit, India will soon emerge as another country after China and New Zealand to successfully win the battle against community spread of the disease.

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