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Blast on Iran’s Nuclear Program, Blames Israel.

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Understanding the Chain of Events
The International Atomic Energy Agency, the united nations nuclear watchdog-wrote in a confidential report seen by the Associated Press that Iran has nearly Tripled its stockpile of low-enriched uranium, from 820 pounds last November to 2,250 pounds (just over a ton).
In other words, Iran has almost enough of the raw material needed to potentially make a bomb, but that material would still need to be enriched to a far higher level than it currently is to make an effective explosive. And that enrichment process takes time.
A Few Months After That Report
Multiple blasts all over Iran, the most important one was at a nuclear enrichment site. The explosion at Natanz is a Direct Hit on Iran’s Nuclear Program.

They are still assessing the damage to the nuclear facility, but Iran is already blaming Israel. They may try to retaliate,
The main question is, was it an attack by Israel?
Possible Scenarios
1. This Blast was caused due to a cyber-attack by either Israel or USA.
2. This Blast happened due to negligence by Iran.
3. Perhaps someone physically tried to sabotage the program.

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