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Baloch Liberation Army attack on Karachi Stock Exchange, 11 killed.

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On 29 June 2020, terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) building in Karachi with grenades and by firing indiscriminately.
The attack was condemned globally but it also brought to light the fragile state of internal security in Pakistan. Pakistan has been trying to promote tourism globally. It has also been trying to revive international cricket at home but this terrorist attack will raise new questions over the prospects of Pakistan being safe.

Even Though BLA claims the Attack, Pakistan Still Blames India.
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said India had activated sleeper cells to create unrest in Pakistan. Speaking to journalists here, the Foreign Minister said he had already warned after the North Waziristan terrorists attacks that India could activate its sleeper cells in Pakistan. “All clues are leading to India. We will not let them Succeed in their design,”he said

India Rejects the Accusations
Lashing out at Pakistan, the MEA said, “India rejects the absurd comments of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan on the terrorist attack in Karachi. Pakistan cannot shift the blame on India for its domestic problems. Unlike Pakistan, India has no hesitation in condemning terrorism anywhere in the world, including in Karachi.”
The MEA added, “FM Qureshi may wish to reflect on this, as also his own Government position, including his Prime Ministers description of the global terrorist as a “martyr”.

This is their second time in Karachi, Pakistan’s business capital and its largest city where the country’s biggest port is located. It is also the capital of the Sindh province.
The previous terrorist attack in Karachi was in November 2018, when the BLA claimed a struck on the Chinese consulate in the city, killing four people- two visa applicants and two policemen. The three attackers were killed by security forces.

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