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Trafficked In The World

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There arises a question regarding this scary practice that, what is human trafficking? Who are the victims? Who is at the risk of becoming trafficked victim? Do victims of human trafficking self-identify as a victim of a crime and ask for help immediately? Let's find out.

The act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harbouring or receiving a person; By means of e.g. force, deception or abuse of vulnerability; For the aim of exploitation, like sexual exploitation, slavery, and made labour, among others, is typically referred to as Human trafficking.

It involves the utilization of force, fraud, or coercion to get some sort of labour or commercial sexual intercourse. Per annum, many men, women, and youngsters are trafficked worldwide. The most common sorts of human trafficking are sex trafficking, forced labour, and debt bondage. Forced labour, also referred to as involuntary servitude, is the biggest sector of trafficking within the world, consistent with the U.S. Department of State.

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How do human traffickers find their victims?

Human traffickers target vulnerable individuals by preying on their personal situations. Human traffickers target and recruit their victims by appearing to supply help, or pretending to be a lover or potential romantic partner.

They grasp their victim’s vulnerabilities and force them to satisfy face to face. They try to share an emotional bond with the victim so that they might be trusted. They usually lure their victims by using charm, lies, and deception, promising a far better life and opportunity to form money. 

The reality is that these victims became objects to be traded, abused, threatened, beaten, tortured, raped, and sometimes killed — all in order that the human trafficker can make money.

How bad is human trafficking within the world?

Beyond being rightfully condemned as a grave affront to human rights and dignity, human trafficking also weakens economies and threatens global security.

Forced labour affects 25 million people and produces an estimated $150 billion annually, making it one of the worlds’ most profitable crimes. While there’s no one face of a person’s trafficking victim, certain populations are more vulnerable, including runaway and homeless youth, children and youth in care, individuals fleeing violence or natural disasters, individuals with a disability, and people who have suffered other sorts of abuse or exploitation.

 California consistently has the very best human trafficking rates within us with 1,507 cases reported in 2019.

Who is most suffering from human trafficking?

The victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women and girls. Surprisingly, in 30% of the countries which provided information on the gender of traffickers, women structure the most important proportion of traffickers.

In some parts of the planet, women trafficking women is the norm. Child trafficking also occurs when children are removed from safety and exploited. Children who are trafficked are often forced into some sort of work, used for sex, or just sold.

The average age for IOM registered victims of trafficking is 27, and half of all victims are aged between 19 to 33. There’s a small spike in age at 0 and 1 years of age- this is often due to the number of youngsters who are born into trafficking.

How does one spot a trafficker?

Exhibit signs of physical and psychological trauma e.g. anxiety, lack of memory of recent events, bruising, untreated conditions. Be scared of telling others about their situation. Be unaware they need been trafficked and believe they’re simply during a bad job.

It usually starts in origin countries—namely, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa—where recruiters seek migrants through various mediums like the web, employment agencies, the media, and native contacts.

Maybe slavery has been with us for centuries because of the inclination to maintain economic systems geared more toward com-modifying human existence than developing its spiritual, creative, or scientific potentials. Such commodification instantly erases any recognition of humanity as a priceless value unto itself and reduces individuals as well as entire races, or a specific gender, to a bargain-priced ‘other.
― Aberjhani, Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah

Why Do Human Trafficking Victims Have Tattoos?

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Trafficking victims often receive tattoos primarily as a particular mark to point a trafficker’s “property.” they’re often wont to keep track of the victims by the traffickers — especially in situations where there is an outsized number of victims.

Besides mass transit stations, pimps recruit women at nightclubs, strip bars, malls, high schools, college campuses, and neighborhoods and streets are known for prostitution, also as via online and social media channels, therefore after tattoos, they will easily identify their trafficked persons.

What are the ways to stop human trafficking?

There are some ways through which you’ll help to stop trafficking:-

  1. Know the Signs. Learn the red flags and indicators of trafficking.
  2. Report a Tip.
  3. Spread the Word.
  4. Think Before You Shop.
  5. Tell Your Friends
  6. Volunteer Locally.
  7. Stay Informed.
  8. Register for Training.

How to get help fight child trafficking?

  1. Human Trafficking Hotline. 1-888-373-7888.
  2. Centre for Missing or Exploited Children (NCMEC) 1-800-THE-LOST.
  3. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tip Line. (1-866-347-2423)
  4. In India, call Shakti Vahini on 11-42244224, 9582909025 or the national helpline Childline on 1098.

Human trafficking may be a global problem, and one of the worlds’ most shameful crimes, affecting the lives of many people around the world and rob them of their dignity. Traffickers deceive women, men, and youngsters from all corners of the planet and force them into exploitative situations a day. Consistent with the Report, the foremost common sort of human trafficking (79%) is sexual exploitation. The victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women and girls. Surprisingly, in 30% of the countries which provided information on the gender of traffickers, women structure the most important proportion of traffickers.

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