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Unity – The Weapon to Fight Against Pandemic

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The Gazette Today, The Weapon to Fight Against corona

As we all know the planet goes through a troublesome time and our nation is facing an equivalent scenario. We are scared, panicked, and shocked. But in my opinion, we would have liked to get positive about it.

Now, one will say “how can someone be positive during a large number of deaths, countless people are becoming infected, there’s no vaccine no cure till now and everyone that?”

Yes this is often the time of the outbreak. The time of corona “COVID-19”.

 “CO-rona VI-ruses D-leases 2019” this is often how it’s named and maybe an excellent friend of SARS Coronaviruses.

But have you ever noticed that due to COVID 19 we are standing as an entire i.e. one? Every single country during this world can relate and understand one another ‘s situation and therefore the better of the above are helping each other.

Somehow we are coming closer and initiating and appreciating each other’s work and energy, we aren’t developed or developing countries now, we all just a part of an enormous tree whose roots are oneness.

This amazing togetherness may be a new and great example of humanity.

In the beginning of 2020, when people were talking about world war 3; and here we are now trying to support and fight this pandemic with hands in hands.

That is true that this pandemic may be a threat to us but we also cannot deny the very fact that we cannot survive this if we all don’t stand as together.

As we all know COVID-19 mainly has four stages –

1. The imported stage- a bit like a guest in our house it’s imported from outside in our house, our country.

2. Local transmission- now transmit locally on person to person.

3. Community transmission- Now through that one person’s one sneeze (as it’s a droplet infection) the whole community is infected. meaning everyone in our family may get infected through that one guest person.

4. Epidemic- and through relations, their friends, colleges, relatives i.e. the bunch of community may get infected and through that our whole country. And this is often what happens in other countries.

4 Stage of Covid-19

There is a time period of two to 7 days of this virus meaning you’re infected and you’ll feel the symptoms after a few weeks once you got infected. And this is often not where it stops, there are highly possible chances of individuals getting infected by you therein period and from them more get infected and here we have the chain which continues to grow if we keep ignoring this.

The symptoms are common cough, fever, running nose and in severe cases ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) i.e. difficulty in breathing.

There’s no need to worry about it. From many cases we get to understand that a lot of people are recovering from COVID19 all by themselves. (You should have an honest immunity though.)

Viruses don’t respect borders, nor do epidemics discriminate between races. As United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has acknowledged, we face a worldwide health crisis unlike any within the 75-year history of the UN – one that’s spreading human suffering, infecting the worldwide economy, and upending people’s lives.

Humanity may be a community with a shared future. Indeed, in today’s deeply connected world, no country can stand aside from such an epidemic that’s spreading at an unprecedented speed and scope. From virus source tracing to putting together a collective global response for disease control and treatment, from identifying the simplest treatment to producing more medical supplies and seeking breakthroughs in vaccine development, no single country alone can roll in the hay all.

As of April 12, 83 video conferences had been held for doctors between China and 153 other countries, including Indonesia; 14 Chinese medical teams were sent to 12 countries including Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Laos in order that combat experience against the virus is often shared and put in use; China has provided quite 150 countries and international organizations with much needed medical supplies, and has been facilitating the procurement of medical supplies through commercial channels by all countries in China.

It is not necessary that totalitarian/dictator countries like China dealt swifter and better with Covid-19. The very fact is even democratic countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand did all right and actually better, controlling the pandemic, in a far more transparent manner.

To affect the worldwide depression caused by the virus, it’s important to possess global cooperation. The US can have a rescue package of US$2 trillion. But many countries like India to Brazil don’t have such financial resources. So until we have a worldwide economic plan, we’d face global depression, entire countries could collapse and this might destabilize the remainder of the planet.

Religious leaders, including religious zealots, have realized that only advanced research projects can save the planet from this pandemic such a lot in order that they have voluntarily agreed to stay the places of worship closed, to stop community infection of the Virus. He said that religious leaders have neither been ready to stop the pandemic nor protect their flock. If given a choice between Science and nonsecular Leaders, within the light of the Covid-19 experience, people were more likely to settle on Science.

It’s a reminder that COVID-19 doesn’t recognize “race, religion, color, caste, creed, language or border” before striking, was axiomatic but essential.


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