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Locked or Unlocked?

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Locked or Unlocked, The Gazette Today

Have you wondered it yet,  locked in the house you have unlocked the real you?

During this lockdown, when people are feeling stressed out,  they are forgetting to witness its positive side; likewise the nature is healing, you are healing too.

Healing, how?

Healing from mental pressure,  workload,  peer pressure,  and so on.  Now you are enjoying your work being at home, working efficiently than ever before you have done. These days are emerging as the best days of lives of people who have realised what satisfaction is!  Though facing few issues but handling like it never happened. From hardships learning easy way out to solve problem.

Let’s see few of the examples:

  • People craving for snacks like momos,  pizza,  noodles etc came up with the solution of cooking by themselves because craving sees no bar.
  • People bored of doing nothing,  found investing time in upskilling and reskilling and some chose to develop new hobbies.
  • Out of work or job,  found another way out as work from home,  even who were not able to do that learned they could have done that even.
  • Missing friends?  Created fun videos with them to interact,  connected on video calls and much more.
  • Who longed for family time, earned it wisely in this lockdown.

These are somethings due to which being locked we feel more unlocked,  in the hard time for all of us.  This pandemic isn’t a test as hard enough our competitive exams,  if fighting for a rank can be done,  why not let’s knock down this virus at once.

If you haven’t realised it yet,  here starts Lockdown 3.0, live it or regret it later.

11 thoughts on “Locked or Unlocked?

  1. Positivity lies on everything..untill we see it through a positive person’s view like u Tanvi …..

    1. Thank you for your kind words and appreciating me. Stay connected with our newsletter for latest updates.

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