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Lockdown : a tragedy or an opportunity ?

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Locked or Unlocked, The Gazette Today

Hey reader, today I would like to bring up an issue that surely needs to be pondered upon.
This is going to be an opinion based post and is not directed to change your conceptions about the worldwide lockdown, unless you wish to.

We all know what the people all around the world are going through. The anxiety and trauma is inevitable in this house arrest. And there are obvious reasons for going through such problems, people are losing jobs, not getting paid if they have one, domestic violence is increasing and a lot more that I suppose you are getting well informed about through media houses and your surroundings. But is this the only way we are going to pass this period? Are we really left with no other choices? Can’t we call this lockdown, a once in a life time opportunity to try a new perception for life?

Well, I believe there is a choice and we can find it if we focus on the fundamental requirements of human species to live and thrive. Yes, we are still getting air to breathe, water to drink and enough food to eat, I mean most of us and rest are on His mercy. Isn’t it all that we fight for? Well in these times it is all that we need.

This is the time for introspection and it is really working for me and I urge you to do the same.

While we are caged, the nature is relieving and other beings are less afraid to wander in their share of land. Recently a Gangetic dolphin was seen in the Ganga river in India which is unusual as the species is in the ‘Red Book’ and has not been detected since a long period of time. If we can’t be happy for the ill conditions of our ‘smart’ species, let’s not be so selfish to not be happy with the freedom that other ‘innocent’ species are enjoying.

It is the time that we show our gratitude to what we are provided by the nature and let it take a little toll on us as lifelong we have been freely enjoying its services.

Well, I don’t think that I have come up with anything new in this context and I believe you all have been thinking a lot alike. So, take a deep breath, relax, keep yourself engaged, develop new hobbies, meditate and prepare yourself for the happy moments that the future is holding for you. Everything is going to be absolutely fine.

8 thoughts on “Lockdown : a tragedy or an opportunity ?

    1. I wish, it should end as soon as possible, it’s just about how we should react if it doesn’t.
      We appreciate your support.

  1. Great Post Brother ! Surely Lockdown is the only medicine which we are having at current, and to control 1.3B whatsoever trials are going on are at top . India is doing really great as i am overseas, i can say what i see here . Jai Hind.
    Stay Safe Stay Home !

    1. Thank you my good friend.
      Your views on our posts means a lot to us.
      Keep supporting

  2. It’s a pandemic. There should be lockdown till the conditions are in our favour. Everybody should be positive.try to take out your hidden talent during the lockdown.”LOCKDOWN IS AN OPPORTUNITY”

    1. Thank you ma’am 🙏. Your words of wisdom are convincing for everyone and motivating for us. I am highly obliged and grateful for having you as our reader🙏.

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