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“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like a deer in a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore

Big data is becoming a vital tool for companies of all sizes be it small, medium, or large scale, so data science comes into picture which helps in breaking down big data in some usable information and developing software that would help companies to establish optimal operations. Likewise engrossed on your facebook,  have you ever thought why the products you were scrolling on Amazon or Myntra are being advertised there? It’s the magic of data science.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the science of data that deals with huge datasets making use of statistical tools, mathematical tools, analytical tools, and visualizations. As this world is full of data, researchers found a need to deal with the data breaching all over the world discovering this field, though not new but rose in the 1970s. In 1962, John Turkey described the field called “Data Analysis” resembling modern-day Data Science. Later in 1974 the term Data Science was traced back, when Peter Naur proposed it as an alternative to Computer Science.

In more specific terms, data science is defined as an interdisciplinary field that makes use of scientific methods, algorithms, systems, and processes to extract knowledge from data, which is a raw fact. Data science is a growing field and data scientist’s career is ranked third in America in 2020 by Glassdoor jobs and also ranked the top job from 2016-2019.

Innovations in Data Science:

Data science has been trending due to its amazing techniques including Machine Learning, dimensionality reduction, and clustering.

  • Since 2019, data science has improved advanced analytics including explainability for deep neural networks and complicated classic machine learning models, the accuracy of transparent machine learning algorithms, and the enormous amounts of data required to train cognitive statistical models
  • And by now, data science has worked to mimic memory cells turning Artificial Intelligence on its high emerging as one of the trending technology in present as well as future innovations.
  • Memory is primarily facilitated with the following three approaches:
    • RNN(Recurrent Neural Network) – Effective over short intervals.
    • LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) – Added to RNN to retain memory for longer periods.
    • Memory Augmented Networks (MAN) – Introduced to overcome LSTMs, with the additional features of writing, overwriting, and looking up Ji information about a particular dataset in a dedicated memory bank.
    • Social media and recommendation systems go hand in hand with the data science process.
    • Latest Augmented Reality example by Google is “Google 3D Animals.”
    • Some other successful projects that came into light include Human Activity Recognition, Recommendation systems, Chatbots, and so on.
Data Science explained in 3 presentation diagrams
Data Science explained in 3 presentation diagrams

Even in this pandemic, scientists are researching based on the data science process working on different machine learning algorithms and deep learning algorithms using datasets and figures of the infected,  to seek out a solution to deal with this disease rooted around the world. This shows how important Data Science has become in our lives. Since the dawn we are surrounded by data science, scrolling news feed on facebook, linkedin, twitter preferred according to recommendation systems to the dusk exploring Google and its products like Google Home encompassing data science procedure.

Moreover, as Daniel Keys Moran (American Computer Programmer and Science Fiction Writer) quoted, ” You can have data without information, but you can’t have information without data,” similarly this world can’t be imagined without Data Science

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