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Yoga For Joyful Living

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The Gazette Today, Yoga for Joyful living

Let your joy be in your journey -not in some distant Goal.
we all have different desires different aspiration and inclination but the root of it all is that we wish to be happy. everybody has their own concept where the joy lies. ultimately life is all about joy, in every activity we are see joy. in this article we describe yoga for joyful living.
what is yoga exactly? it just an exercise form ? Is yoga a physical exercise or a spiritual practice? is it something beyond physical health?

Etymology and definitions
-the yoga essentially means “that which bring to you reality”
-word yoga has derived from sanskrit root YUJ or yog yoga is a very beautiful word which means “union”
so yoga is union of individual soul and supreme soul ( god) (aatma and parmatma).
According to Maharishi Patanjali, Yoga is the suppression of modifications of the mind. he described the asthang yoga.
-according to bhagwat geeta excellence in action is yoga or equanimity of mind is yoga.
-yoga refers to two things ,
First is state of the union of our consciousness with the complete,
And second ,yoga is also a set of transformative techniques and methodologies for us, to harmonize our personality at physical, mental, intellectual, and spritual levels, so that we may achieve this union.
For that many tools are offered:
Like the physical postures, the breathing exercises, meditation, Mantras etc etc..
Today millions and millions of people around the world are utilizing these offerings of yoga,to enrich their life in many ways like stress management ,holistic health, fitness ,piece of mind happiness and spritual growth .that is the real vision of yoga.
Yoga as an evolutionary process- evolutionary yoga guides each person in developing a practice that is relevant to his or her own body, mind, and life experience. serving a diverse range of people it is based on adapting yoga to support the uniqueness of each person.
Evolutionary yoga are: yoga therapy, restorative yoga, posture flow, breathing and sounding and meditation.

Origin of yoga
Yoga originated 5,000 year ago somewhere in India.
yoga is the greatest discovery of all science because the direct impact of this science is on human life and in this science there is the power to give the perfect solution to every inner and external problem of human life .
Brief History of yoga*
in the rig Veda there is a discussion of the elements of yoga Rishi yagnavalkya , vashishth ,vishvamitra, angiras and Yogeshwar Krishna contributed to the development of yoga.
_-500 B.C . Bhagavad Gita was written in this considered the first and complete philosophical book dedicate to yoga.
Various forms of yoga described in detail in this text yoga topics like bhakti yog, gyan yog, meditation , *sannyasis have been told with their totality.

Globalisation or commercialization of yoga*
Yoga is divine science that has been passed from generation to generation.
Yoga is most prevalent in South East Asia. South East Asia is one of the best place for yoga practitioner.
Today Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and it’s becoming popular globally.
the penchant of the western world for creating a business model out of everything and that is led to so called commercialization of yoga.
according to the national center for complementary and integrative health 21 million Americans practice yoga (today in USA the yoga industry is worth about 10 billion dollar a year) there are an estimated 6,000 yoga studios in the USA alone. In Australia 1.8 million people practice and many countries of the world practice yoga .

International Day of Yoga or World Yoga Day has been declared (by the United Nations General Assembly)
celebrated on 21st of June after the suggestion of Indian prime minister Shri Narendra Modi .

Moving forward

Importance of yoga: today yoga is becoming popular globally ,Research work and propagation about yoga is being done all over the world.
Yoga importance:
1-health sectors- Today WHO has also agreed that yoga practice is particularly effective in the fast spreading psycho-diseases and other decease.
2- sports sectors
3 -family importance
4 -in the social field
5- in the education field
but the success is Still limited only few educational institutes have permoted this as daily activity .people indulge in yoga only when they suffer from some ailments limited set of people are doing it from childhood in school or as part of family tradition.
It’s actual benefits at the deeper levels in the form of attaining peace and everlasting happiness remain largely untouched.

So let’s have a look on physical benefits of yoga
1-increased flexibility
2-Increase muscle strength and tone.
3-improved respiration, energy and vitality.
4- maintaining a balanced metabolism .
5-weight reduction
6-cardio and circulatory health
7-Improve athletic performance
8-Protection from injury

Now let’s move on with some interference of yoga according to Maharshi Patanjali
1-Disease 2-mental laziness 3-doubt 4- postponing work or practice 5- laziness 6- lack of continuity 7-misconception 8- not having a strong hold in meditational pursuit
So these interference create obstacles in the path of the yoga seeker .
Also read – Yoga practitioners should follow Mitahar(moderate food):1/4th of the stomach should be empty for air.

Spreading misconceptions about yoga
1- Miraculous powers .
3- showing of siddhis. 4-attaining samadhi through sensual or physical intimacy. 5-difficult postures .
6-only related to treating physical and mental problems.
7-taking sannyasa or withdrawal of worldly duties.
8-liberation is the only outcome.

Aim and Objectives of Yoga
1-Holistic development and human being.
2- creating harmony in self, surrounding society ,and world .
3-making mind pure, productive creative and sharp
4-all internal potential must be functional and positive.
Convert life into Yoga, so that you may ensure success in all the fields of activity. By regular practice, by using your presence of mind, skill and wisdom, you can become Yogins and enjoy happiness and peace, whatever be the circumstances and conditions in which you are placed.

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