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USA to Terminate the Relationship With WHO

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In his speech, he stated that “Chinese officials ignore their reporting allegations to the world health organization (WHO) and pressure the WHO to mislead the world.”
USA to Terminate the Relationship With WHO

Donald Trump the president of USA , in his speech stated that “Chinese officials ignore their reporting allegations to the world health organization (WHO) and pressure the WHO to mislead the world.”

As we have seen in the recent interviews of Donald trump accusing China of the pandemic and he blamed WHO and China for the destruction caused by corona virus pandemic. “It is clear the repeated missteps by you and your organization in responding to the pandemic have been extremely costly for the world,” he wrote in a letter to the WHO’s chief on 18 May.

“Because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms we will be today terminating our relationship with the world health organization” stating the funds which will be provided to the WHO will now be diverted to other global public health organizations. He also announced to issuing a proclamation to deny entry to certain Chinese nationals and tightening of regulations against Chinese investments in America.

He also complained aggressively about the Chinese unlawfully claimed territories in the Indo- Pacific Ocean. “The United States wants an open and constructive relationship with China, but achieving this relationship requires us to vigorously defend our national interest,” he said.

He said on Twitter that The WHO is not a perfect organization, he said further “but leaving will make the United States and the world less safe. President Trump is ceding American global leadership and handing it over on a golden platter to China,”he also claimed WHO “Puppet of China.”

About 20,000 Americans are infected each day, while China virtually ended its outbreak by April. On most days China records zero to five new infections, mostly outsiders or travelers. Observing that the planet is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government, Trump reiterated that China’s cover-up of the Wuhan virus allowed the disease to spread all over the world, instigating a global pandemic that has cost more than 100,000 American lives and over one million lives worldwide.China has total control over the WHO despite only paying USD 40 million per annum compared to what the US has been paying which is approximately USD 450 million a year, he included.

In this aspect Trump is instructing his presidential working group on the financial market to study the differing practices on Chinese companies listed on the US financial market to protect American investors.”We must have transparency. Why is it that China shut off infected people from Wuhan to all other parts of China? It went nowhere else; it didn’t go to Beijing, it went nowhere else, but they allowed them to freely travel throughout the world, including Europe and the United States. The death and destruction caused by this is incalculable,” he said.

“The world needs answers from China,” Trump said in his aggressive speech on a bright sunny day from the garden of the White House. The president, however, didn’t take any questions. for many years it’s ripped off the US like nobody has ever done before repeating his charges against China.
“Americans are entitled to fairness and transparency.” president Trump said.

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