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Are you Even Alive?

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Are you even alive?

Today, the world is suppressed in the name of competition where most of the people are hustling to do what others are doing and not what they wish to do. With the tradition of following a league, most of the people are draining their knowledge just for survival which is though not worthy. According to science, if a person experiences the irreversible cessation of all the functions of the brain, he/she is considered legally dead. But there is another phenomenon when a person is ‘brain dead’ he/she can keep breathing with the help of a ventilator and heart can keep beating. These two are the causes of science and medicines but the need of the hour is to find “Are you even alive?”

When is a person dead?

According to biological aspects, a person is declared dead when all his/her biological functionality are ceased, i.e when the heart stops pumping.

According to medical aspects, a person is declared dead with the death of his/her brain i.e. when breathing is in continuation with the help of a ventilator, the heart is pumping.

A person is dead when he/she stops using his/her brain for good and become a follower than an inspiration.

Though psychology and mentality gives yet a different definition of the dead person or when a person is dead. It suggests that a person who is not able to do things on his/her own is a dead person alive.

How do we define death?

Death is a discontinuance of all the biological functions that sustain a human organism. Death is an unpleasant occasion that is considered so due to the affection towards the deceased. Moreover, death is not actually ‘about the dead person’ but about ‘dead brain’, it is neither medical nor biological statement but the reality of today’s world where most of the people act dumb and appear without a brain in the society which means psychologically or mentally a person is unfit for the society which completely sounds the dead person surviving on breathing and mere biological procedure though dead inside. This is not an injustice for a normal person but most of the people today are suffering from mental illness, which is basically due to stress and tension they go through daily. Mental illness is not exactly but medicine speaks, for now, a person who is just following the steps of thousand other persons is unfit in all senses that he/she is not able to figure out what he/she needs to do in life, which means death comes to a person at the point, he/she has started to lose pace with life i.e. working like robots on the commands of the other people.

Should there be changes in our definition of “brain death”?

With the present scenario, there is a need for some significant changes in the definition of “brain death”. Medical science says, “Brain death is a legal definition of death. It is the complete stopping of all brain functions and cannot be reversed. It means that, because of extreme and serious trauma or injury to the brain, the body’s blood supply to the brain is blocked, and the brain dies. Brain death is death.” But psychology says, “A person who is stressed and following what others are doing blindly, he is suffering from brain death partially or completely which means virtually a person is dead as he/she doesn’t use the brain of oneself. ” This is so because a person with a brain death is no different from the one who is blindfolded in walking on the paved paths instead of creating his/her own.

To add to this death is not dead as I said before, it is beyond if we see the people acting like robots and reacting according to the demand forgetting to live according to their terms and satisfaction. Every person is trying to please every other person, that is an exploitation of the worthy organ brain. 

If a person can think, why not give a brain another chance and start waking it up from the death-bed to see what is to be alive

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