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Suicide – A solution to every problem?

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“What if?” can destroy a person’s life if they blame themselves for every problem instead of talking and sharing it with their loved ones.
a solution to every problem

“What if?” can destroy a person’s life if they blame themselves for every problem instead of talking and sharing it with their loved ones.

“My life sucks”, “’ I am useless”, “I can’t take it anymore”, “I am all alone”. These are some of the thoughts that comes up in every individual’s mind who tries to suicide or commits suicide. Death is a natural part of life,  and you have no right to overpower it. You decide to kill yourself and finish the problems but do you really think that the problem ends there? You will be dead and so will your issues and problems but what about your loved ones? Why not speak up and find the solution to the problem?

The suicide cases are usually seen among the youth of today. The pressure that they face from society leads them into depression and anxiety, and ultimately they are forced to take such wrong steps which they should not. But is this a solution to the problem? Speaking up helps you get out of the problem and also is a lesson for the others as to how to tackle the problem. However, committing suicide is just a temporary solution to our problem but our life is lost forever.

Every problem has a solution

Every problem has a solution if looked at from a greater aspect. Getting stressed up and taking the wrong steps is not a solution to any problem as such. Whatever the problems are: be it personal or social, everything has a solution. All you need is patience, daring, and to trust yourself. It’s your life,  and it’s your responsibility to make it the beat, by overcoming all the hurdles that come on your way. This in turn will make you a real fighter and not a quitter.


Things will gradually change

Time is the biggest player. It changes and heals everything slowly and gradually. Whatever the situation is, time will never stay the same. Struggles, hurdles, problems they are all part of our life. Like every night there comes a bright day,  similarly after every problem there comes a solution knocking at your door. All you need is to stay alert and observe what the solution to the problem can be.

Avoid your thoughts, focus more on facts

Yes, emotions are very effective and influencing. They do get heavy on our thoughts and mind and make us weak. But, during problems and issues, one needs to be logical and practical. Analyze every aspect of your problem, leave no stone unturned, and no facts unchecked. You need to discover your problem by pricking every strand of it. And then you will definitely find a clue and a chain of clues to a permanent solution.

You have not seen the future

You might have reached to such an extent where you feel that now there is no way to get out of the problem. But, the 99% rule says that the future can not be predicted with 100% certainty. Just have patience and go with the flow. You will slowly realize that things are changing and are getting better. You never know what happens in the near future. Things might change and you might get a solution to your problem.

Death is not a permanent solution

Death can never be a solution to your problems. What is the value of killing yourself? Instead, you must face it, solve it by doing so you might become a role model to those in trouble, and encourage them to get out of it.

Life is way too precious and you could achieve more by saving it. Remember there is always a second option. Find it!

To put in a few lines by a famous poet Robert Frost:

The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

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