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Every Life Matters

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Since we all inhabit the earth, we are all considered earthlings. There is no sexism, racism, or speciesism in the term 'earthling'. It encompasses each and every one of us: warm- or cold-blooded, mammal, vertebrate or invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish and human alike.
Every Life Matters

Life is a precious ornament for everyone though circumstances prove, it often fails to get its value. It is rather conflicting for years when it comes to the Blackman and the Whiteman, more specifically racial inequality. It had been in hot arguments dealing with black and white under the same roof. A similar case came into light when people with raised fists, symbols, and mobile phones came forward protesting against the death of George Floyd, a 46-year old African American who moved to Minnesota to have a better life ahead.

On his arrest, he was witnessed held down by a Minneapolis police officer’s knee who tried to suffocate him to death when Floyd kept on pleading for his breath and turned dead after 8 minutes 56 seconds of being held under the knee of the police officer. Later, the police officer was charged for this crime of killing the innocent, though this didn’t change the curve of protest after the incident.

Floyd was known as a kind man who was loved by everyone and had achieved the fame of being a protector for those who seek him. On 25th May 2020, after his death, those who knew him and those who didn’t know him outraged into a protest stating a hashtag #blacklivesmatter around the USA and worldwide.

2020’s events of protest have their roots back then for hundreds of years and now this rage has come up with a new development of fighting against race riots, massacres, and clashes between Africa American and American police. This case of Floyd’s death is one of the 1000 of such deaths forged by American police every year. 

In the middle of the pandemic, people stood outside the Whitehouse to show their rage against the death of Floyd, with masks for their safety and fists raised high leaving an impact depicting this protest, unlike others. People protesting in Minneapolis showed a glimpse of diversity reflecting the exact America which means not just Black but this time Whitemen joined the rage holding “Black Lives Matter” signboards in their hands as a result enlightening a hope of bringing this racial riot to an end.

Every Life Matters
Protest Going On

Started from small cities of America and big cities around the USA this conflict outraged worldwide to fight against discrimination based on racism or color. 

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Facts About Racial and Ethnic Politics

  • In the US, black people are even discriminated against based on employment despite having the same level of education.
  • Resumes of people imparting white names receive callbacks with a greater chance than black names signed resumes.
  • As a whole, blacks are paid 25% less than whites and found victims of unemployment.
  • Not just this, in case of intaking of drugs blacks are more likely to get arrested.
Facts About Racial and Ethnic Politics
  • Back in between 2013-2017, white patients received better health care than compared to any of 34% Hispanic patients, 40% of Black and remaining 40%, the native Americans.
  • In the year 2018, in New York City police victimized 88% black and Latinx people while only 10% white people.

These are some written facts, similar cases are common in America, like bullying of black students in the education field, black women dying due to weak economic conditions while pregnant, and many more.

It was believed that in the 21st century this racism will take a serious turn bringing equality for all citizens but the story appears the same upside down and the violence continues against the black people in the USA. But the protest is coming with a change of equality as with this incident, not just black people but the white people and also the world have come forward to fight this injustice.

As is said by Lilla Watson (an Indigenous Australian or Murri visual artist, activist, and academic working in the field of Women’s issues and Aboriginal epistemology), “If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you recognize that your liberation and mine are bound up together, we can walk together,” the white people and the black people are in this together and now “Every Life Matters” is a goal.

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