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Every Day is World Environment Day

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World Environment Day

So, let me start with my forefathers. They never celebrated World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Water Day etc.

They had abundant resources at their disposal, still they used all the natural resources to the minimum. They were stingy in using the free resources. They conserved, recycled and reused without any big banners or slogans.

They treated Water, Air, Soil, Trees, Animals and all other natural resources as God. They never abused the resources for their benefits. They never exploited. Whenever they cut the trees, they made it sure that they cut old trees or branches.

Every Day was World Environment Day for them.

The World once which was all green has turned out to be a big concrete jungle, all the fresh water resources have turned out to be lakes of industrial waste, sewage tanks, and in recent years water bodies have become dumping yards of plastics and other wastes. Increased use of vehicles, development of industries, thermal power stations and unplanned deforestation has increased the air pollution.

Every year about 13.7 million hectares of forest is destroyed for one or the other reasons. If this is continued, in couple of decades our planet will have no forests all deserts. As of now total World forest cover has drastically come down to about 30% of the total area. Indian forest cover is just about 20%. Due to all these things it has become inevitable to protect all forests, water resources, air and other natural resources.

To bring awareness to protect ourselves from imminent destruction of all flora and fauna due to draughts, floods, widespread diseases, United Nation started celebrating World Environment Day on 5th June every year since 1974. Every year they have a theme on which world wide awareness programs are held.

For our and future generations survival “World Environment” Day is celebrated.

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