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Largest ever Ozone hole heals itself: a significant aid in the time of sufferings

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Covid-19 has brought a catastrophic pandemic to the world and to worsen the matters a more dreadful threat started worrying the scientists all around the world and that was the discovery of the largest ever ozone hole formation, unusually over the Arctic, in march 2020. But the good news is, it has healed all by itself.

Before detailed discussion, lets quickly go through some facts :
Ozone : it is a bluish poisonous gas, found in the upper Stratosphere forming the ozone layer which is capable of absorbing 97-98% UV radiations coming from the sun, which are lethal to the existence of the life on earth.
Ozone hole : it is the region of depleted ozone in its layer caused by the action of some gaseous chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) which are mainly released into the atmosphere naturally over cold terrains of North and South poles.

Scientists first discovered ozone hole in 1970’s over Antarctica and urged the governments around the world for a ban on the use of such chemicals. Since then the 2019 hole over Antarctica was found to be the smallest of all.
Arctic ozone holes are supposed to be seasonal but the recent observation was distressing in which the formation and unusual widening of an ozone hole was detected which could have been disastrous if extended southwards.
The phenomenon is unusual because the Arctic Stratosphere doesn’t provide enough cold and isolated conditions as its Antarctic counterpart does. Unusual weather conditions including a strong polar vortex of swirling cold air is supposed to be the real cause for this massive 1 million square km wide ozone hole. Such strong depletion over Arctic was observed almost a decade ago.
What’s intriguing is that neither the formation nor the healing is caused by the human race.
Yes, the worldwide lockdown didn’t do anything for the healing process of this catastrophe. The Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS) stated that the easing up of the cold polar vortex has led to the closing of the hole.

The positive way forward is that, the nature has its own arrangements for the cure to the worst of life threatening circumstances and when needed it heals itself up all by itself. What we as a human can do is to show our gratitude to the mother earth and show concern at our own doings.

4 thoughts on “Largest ever Ozone hole heals itself: a significant aid in the time of sufferings

  1. Awsome brother…
    Initailly I thought that the hole was healed due to pandemic effect ( less polution) … But your blog gave mr correct idea that what is actually happening….

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